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Fillerina Lip Plump Reviews | True to its claims?  

Fillerina Lip Plump Reviews

Remember the infamous “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge,” in which people attempted to imitate Kylie’s big, pouty lips by using suction to force blood into their lips, causing them to swell? Thankfully, that disaster of a challenge has passed, but the…

I Dew Care Review | The Skincare You Need?

I Dew Care Review

There is a full-blown demand for new and innovative skincare products; previously famous brands had to up their game to compete with the new ones that make products backed by science and better understand their customer base and specific needs.…

Gua Sha For Cellulite | Really Works? (Guide)

Gua Sha for cellulite

Nowadays, the everyday use of Gua Sha is to dispel extra fluid from the face and remove the stagnant energy from tension spots in the body. Long term benefits of Gua Sha heavily rely on consistency and self-practice, it doesn’t…