Tanning has become an easy process now, and we don’t even need to step out of the house for it. Tanning has become a digital process, and technology has impacted here. Tanning bulbs are the new craze, and we all want to know what is so great about them. Tanning bulbs emit UV rays to stimulate the production of melanin in your skin and also help in absorbing Vitamin D. What are tanning bulbs, though? Tanning bulbs are a resort to indoor tanning, and they consist of mercury. People can install tanning bulbs in tanning booths, beds, canopy, or a free-standing bulb. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

They make your tanning job much more accessible, and you do not have to worry about anything. They differ based on the kind of tan you want, which we will explain in the parameters below. Although how are we going to know which tanning bulbs are suitable for us and the reviews? That’s what I’m here for. Today I’m going to do an in-depth search about the best tanning bed bulbs you should buy. You never need to step out of the house with tanning bulbs for your desired tan. Such is the stage of today’s technology. Let’s dig in further. 

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8 Best Tanning Bed Bulbs | Finding The Best Tanning Bed Bulbs


What are things to look for when you’re buying a tanning bed bulb?

Wattage: The average wattage is 100 watts. You will not need a greater wattage after tanning; if you are thinking about bronzing, you might need a greater wattage. You don’t want a bulb too strong if all you are looking for is a light tan. If you are looking for bronzing and a complete color change, you should look for 120-140 watts bulbs. The last number you can go to is 160 watts if you’re looking for a very dark shade. I do not recommend you go to that level at a very high-powered bulb, which is also not good for the skin. Decide the color you desire your skin to be and choose the wattage of your bulb accordingly. 

Size: There are different sizes of bulbs. Usually, they come in an F or T size. Although while choosing a size, you must look at the size your socket needs, will it fit in it, and operate without any issues. If you are replacing it, it doesn’t matter if you already have a dimension. So the most common sizes in F are F71 and F72. F73 is also standard but not as common as the other both. T bulbs are fluorescent lights, and they usually come in sizes like T12. 

Shelf Life: We are not talking about the product’s shelf life when it remains unused but how long it can run. The standard is 800 hours, which means a bed bulb can run for a minimum of 800 hours. Almost all the bed bulbs have the same minimum shelf life; if you find any bulb offering more than that, you should go for it. 


Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Colour: Yes, we can choose colors in these as well. Tanning bulbs are supposed to emit UVA and UVB rays. The only issue with exposing our body to UV rays is that it causes sunburns. In order not to do that, some bulbs offer an option for red light therapy which is replicating UV rays. I’m afraid that red light therapy is adequate but not as well as UV rays. Based on the wattage and the color of tan you want, you can choose the bulb’s color after reading the precaution with it. If many reviews state the chances of sunburn, you should refrain from buying the bulb. 

Brand: Looking for drugstore brands and cheap options in tanning bulbs will not work for you. Tanning bulbs should be made with precision and take care of all the possible risks. There are newer and cheaper brands in the market that will offer you affordable solutions, but you should always go for well-established and known brands. Tanning bulbs can burn and disrupt your skin. UV rays are not to be played with, and you can have horrible results. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs | Top 8 Options 

Wolff System 100W Tanning Bed Bulbs 

Wolff System has been an industry leader in manufacturing tanning bed bulbs. The company is trustworthy, and they have the advantage of experience. They have been doing this for a long time, and they are extremely good at it. The best part about these bulbs is that they are affordable. Cheap and good-quality tanning bed bulbs are just the tagline we needed. Light emitted by the bulb does not harm and inconvenience the human body. Another great thing about the bulb is the less power usage; it does not consume a lot of electricity and gets the job done quickly. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

The bulb is entirely safe for your skin and is energy efficient too. The installation is pretty easy, and you will be done in 15 minutes. You do not need any advice to install the bulbs, and watching a YouTube video might help if you get stuck. Long-lasting works up to 800 hours as promised and provides the right amount of light and enormous exposure to your skin. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Trustworthy company 
  • Good quality 
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Safelight 
  • No reactions or side effects
  • Good exposure 
  • Big lamp 
  • Less power outage 
  • Good on electricity bill and pocket 
  • Easy and quick installation 

Wolff System Wolff Dark Tan II F71 T12 100W Tanning Bed Bulbs, Box of 16 Lamps
  • Great bulb for a home tanning bed
  • No hassle shipping insurance
  • F71 Bi-pin end fitting, 100 watt bulbs
  • Higher UVB for shorter tanning sessions


  • Negative online reviews
  • Must buy at a retail store

Sperti Salon Quality Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp 

Sperti Tanning Lamps are also one of the most talked-about tanning lamps in the market. There are a lot of advanced features that have been introduced by these lamps, which were not present before. One commendable feature is the auto-off feature. An auto-off feature is for regulated tanning so that the lights will shut down once every 15 minutes. Another benefit of this lamp is that it prevents the users from getting skin burns and excessive heating. Approved by the FDA will show no side effects for sensitive skin. You can use it without worrying about any consequences. The tanning bulbs cause no harm like sunburns or excessive UV exposure. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Environmentalists cannot protest against it as it does not pollute the environment in any way. UVA protective glasses are provided with the kit when buying the tanning bulbs. The bulb is well made, and the quality of the outer casing of the bulb is pretty durable. It will work for a long time without causing you any trouble. Easy installation, and they provide a manual you can refer to if you are confused. It is customizable; you can use these lamps with different brands on tanning beds. They are compatible, and the efficiency will not reduce in any way. This is my favorite part about the tanning lamp. 


  • Easy to install
  • Good quality 
  • Amazing results 
  • Good reviews 
  • Auto-off feature 
  • No side effects 
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It comes with the complete safety kit
  • Environment friendly
  • Compatible with other tanning beds
  • Ideal for body and face tanning

Sperti Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp - Face and Body Sunlamp
  • SALON QUALITY - No need to carve out time for an appointment. Fiji Sun lets you conveniently achieve a smooth and even glow from the comfort of home.
  • FACE AND BODY - Easy to use tabletop light is fully angle adjustable, allowing it to be used for facial and sectional body tanning. Enjoy results in minutes - a little goes a long way!
  • ALL YEAR BRONZE - Maintain a natural glow year-round, regardless of the weather or season. This mighty personal sunlamp lets you quickly and easily touch up your base tan as needed.
  • FDA APPROVED - This indoor tanning box is cleared by the FDA and helps avoid sunburns and overexposure to UVA radiations of the sun as well as outdoor pollutants. UVA blocking eyewear included.
  • COMPACT - Small foot print, can be easily stowed away when not in use. Dimensions: 22″ x 9″ x 14″ and weighs 15 lbs.


  • It does not give you a fast tan. 
  • Time-consuming. 

Midday Sun 100W High-Quality Tanning Lamps 

Midday Tanning Lamps are known for their straightforward set up policies, and they can replace tanning lamps like brilliance, diamond sun, and many others. That shows the compatibility of the product. Long-lasting product, and you don’t have to worry about changing it for a very long time. There is no need to spend hours in the tanning bed, but the tanning process ends in 15-20 minutes. Longevity is a big plus point of the tanning bulbs; the duration of the bulbs is 12000 hours. That is a significant duration of time, and you don’t have to worry about replacing them any sooner. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

It is the best option for a replacement bulb. Power consumption is easy and hassle-free; it requires 100 W of power and saves a lot of money. The tanning bulb is affordable and pocket-friendly. Cheap and the best quality option for a replacement bulb. Many retail shops have these bulbs on sale, and you can visit and buy the cheapest one. 


  • Durable product 
  • Best replacement tanning bulbs 
  • Compatible product 
  • Long-lasting for 12000 hours 
  • Longevity 
  • Easy application 
  • 15-20 minutes of tanning is enough 
  • 100 W of power 
  • Pocket friendly and affordable 
  • Low on electricity 
  • Get it cheaper in retail shops 

Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W Tanning Lamps - Best Bronzing Bulbs! (24)
  • F71 T12 100W-120W Bi Pin Tanning Lamps
  • Rated Life of 1200 Hours
  • Compatible Replacement for many popular sun beds such as Sunquest & Sunvision.
  • Replaces Dark Tan, Golden Tan, Velocity, Diamond Sun, Brilliance, Speed 175
  • Fast same day shipping - Can not ship to Alaska or Hawaii


  • There are no cons that have been reported yet. 

Brilliance Supreme Tanning Bulbs 

Brilliance Supreme Tanning Bulbs are both for personal and professional use. The tanning session will go on up to 15-20 minutes. The bulbs can last for over 1000 hours, which is a pretty long time. They can replace many tanning bulbs like Equator Sun, Sunbronze, etc. They are compatible and can best be used as replacements. You do not alter the quality of light and tanning; just change the bulbs. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

The replacement period for these bulbs will not come anytime soon, and they will go on for a long time. 120 W of power, the bulbs don’t consume a lot of electricity, do not contribute to expensive electricity bills, and give an excellent tanning output with little resources. The bulbs are affordable, and considering the durability and reliability of the product, it is not expensive and does the job with minimum human effort. 


  • Durable tanning bulb 
  • Suitable for diverse bed types
  • Affordable 
  • Reliable 
  • Best therapy light 
  • Long-lasting for 1000 hours 
  • 15-20 minutes of tanning time
  • Best replacement bulbs
  • Less power outage 
  • Good quality of light 
  • Minimum human effort
  • Easy installation 

Brilliance Supreme Bronzer F73T12 HO 8.5% 100W RDC Tanning Bulbs - Hot Lamps! (26)
  • F73 T12 100W-120W High Output RDC Tanning Lamps
  • Rated Life of 1000 Hours - Rated for 10 - 12 minute sessions
  • Very High UVB lamp with ample amounts of UVA - For Advanced Tanners
  • Replaces Cosmolux Hi Tan, Genesis 120 10X, Equator Sun, Puretan SX, Real Sun XXXX, Sunbronze 8.5
  • Fast same day shipping - Can not ship to Alaska or Hawaii


  • Power consumption is more. 

Cosmetic Premium Quality Tanning Lamps 

Cosmetic bulbs are very efficient and take half an hour to tan. They are nourishing and gentle on the skin. They can supply your skin with enough UV in half an hour to give you your desired tan and one of the ideal tanning bulbs to get a quick tan quickly. It is compatible and works in many tanning beds. You don’t have to make any additional arrangements and only install it easily. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

They compliment and do not compromise on the quality. Engineers were cautious about the UV radiation and the side effects it should have on your face. It is affordable and cheap, the perfect criteria for replacing bulbs. Also, it promotes melanin production in your skin by the emission of UVB rays. It has a unique ability to nurture and nourish the skin. 


  • Good quality 
  • Efficient 
  • Less tanning time 
  • Affordable and cheap 
  • Compatible in different tanning beds
  • Easy installation 
  • Compliment tanning beds 
  • Increases melanin production
  • Health safe product

Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W Tanning Lamps - Best Bronzing Bulbs! (6)
  • F71 T12 100W-120W Bi Pin Tanning Lamps
  • Rated Life of 1200 Hours
  • Compatible Replacement for many popular sun beds such as Sunquest & Sunvision.
  • Replaces Dark Tan, Golden Tan, Velocity, Diamond Sun, Brilliance, Speed 175
  • Fast same day shipping - Can not ship to Alaska or Hawaii


  • Not a very distinct tan 
  • It consumes a lot of electricity 

Wolff Velocity Extreme Tanning Bed Bulbs 

We have seen Wolff Tanning Bulbs before, but they are more advanced and have other new features. It is a 100 W F71 bulb which is easy to install and comes with a guide on how to use it. Bulbs last for 1000 hours, and they come in a 24 bulb pack. You don’t have to worry about replacing them or having to check them again and again. It can be used as replacement bulbs in big tanning beds. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

It boosts the production of melanin production in the skin. Oxidation reaction in the skin makes up for a bronze tan look, more prosperous, and darker tan. It is compatible and suitable for different tanning beds as it is ideal for replacement bulbs. It was rated high on the usage test as it has gone through trials and was tested and proven.


  • Long-lasting up to 1000 hours 
  • Economical and cheap 
  • Compatible with different tanning beds 
  • Suitable for other tanning beds 
  • Darker tan 
  • Reduces the risk of redness and other side effects
  • Quality control tests for the duration 
  • Low electricity consumption 
  • Good wattage 
  • Longer lamp life 
  • Balanced UVA and UVB rays 
  • Faster tanning 
  • Dark tan skin 

Wolff Velocity Extreme F71 100W Bi Pin Tanning Lamp (24)
  • F71T12 BL Bi-Pin 100W EXTREME Tanning Lamp
  • Rated Life of 1000 Hours - Rated for 12-15 minute sessions
  • Upgrade Replacement for many popular sun beds.
  • Replaces Velocity, Dark Tan, Diamond Sun, Golden Tan, Sunmaster & many others.
  • Fast same day shipping - Can not ship to Alaska or Hawaii


  • Price is a little higher compared to other brands 
  • Only works with tanning beds that have a 100 W of power

Salon Style Face and Body Home Sun Lamp Light 

One of the best parts would be the unique design. It is beautiful and would catch your eye immediately. It is perfect for people whose work demands them to work in closed spaces and work for longer hours. You do not need to sit for hours for long-lasting tans. The bulbs are made to tan your skin fast. They help you improve your skin tone by emitting just the right amount of UV light. The entire session is for 20 minutes, and you should never forget that the rays of the UV bed are direct. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Some minutes in the bed is enough and equal to sunbathing all day. UV light has to be controlled and emitted; if not, it can cause significant damage. It burns and proves hazardous to your skin. Easy application and has good adjustability. You can adjust it according to the tan you want on your face and skin. We must change the amount of tan we want for different parts of our bodies. It improves overall mood and helps make up for not getting enough sunshine. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Efficient 
  • Unique design 
  • Attractive 
  • Perfect for closed spaces 
  • Quick tan 
  • Suitable for sectional body bronzing 
  • Free from harmful UV rays 
  • Adjustable 


  • Negative online reviews 

Rejuvenessence Red Light Therapy Tanning Lamp 

It is the best tanning bulb for indoor people who don’t go out much. Along with tanning, skin improvement and the boosting of collagen fibers are the main functions of this product. It promotes the boosting of collagen fibers which is the building block of skin. UV light produced by the bulbs does not harm your skin and is skin safe. Provides enough light and gives extended-lasting benefits to the users. 

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

Works as an anti-aging agent and temporarily eliminates wrinkles. Red light therapy does not ultimately help you get rid of creases but does an excellent job temporarily removing them. It also gives long-lasting tans. Also, it promotes the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity in the skin. 


  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles 
  • Best for indoor people 
  • Boosts collagen production 
  • UV light does not harm 
  • Emits red light 
  • Easy application 
  • Minimum tanning time 
  • Improves skin elasticity 

Red Light Therapy Tanning Lamp Replacement F73HO RDC 100-120W 633nm (16)
  • Rejuvenessence Red Light fluorescent lamps Replace UV Tanning Lamps
  • Emitting visible red light in the 590-650 nanometer range
  • May temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • UV Free, Red Light Spectrum
  • Help with the stimulation of collagen production


  • Nothing as of now 

Closure | Best Tanning Bed Bulbs

We saw the best tanning bed bulbs for comfort and ease. Tanning bed bulbs are trendy and are selling out like crazy. Always know that you should choose a low-maintenance tanning bed bulb. The power and electricity consumption should not be much. You should go through the specifics and the reviews to be 100% sure.

Tanning bed lamps should be easy to replace and available online or in stores near you. They should have a long-lasting life, and we shouldn’t need to replace them very soon. 

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