What are the main functions of using a primer? Should you use a primer every day? What kind of primer is efficient for daily use? How should you choose your primer differently? A primer is the first step and layer of every makeup schedule. Primer makes a perfect makeup base that allows your foundation to set and keeps your makeup stable for the day. Milk Hydro Grip Primer is one of the best primers out there. Everyone seems very happy with it. Although, it is more expensive than your regular primers. This is why users asked us to mention the best Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe, and here are some options. 

Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe

What do you know about The Milk Hydro Grip Primer? Firstly, to mention that the primer is an award-winning primer. The Grip Primer is A 94% natural gel formula that smooths skin. The primer is effective in holding in your foundation for an entire day. But some people reported allergic reactions while others wanted a cheaper alternative. Thus, we have curated some best Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupes for your ease.

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Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe | Finding Better Dupes 

One of the prime functions of a primer is to keep your foundation and not make you look patchy. The percentage of hydrating ingredients in the formula ensures the hydrating properties of the primer. It can lock in moisture and keep your face hydrated for almost 12 hours. The primer comes in milk hydro grip primer mini, full, and jumbo. Some of the main ingredients in the primer are blue agave extract, hyaluronic acid, hemp-derived cannabis seed extract, Vitamin B3, and aloe vera. 

Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera is softening and deeply hydrating for your face. Blue agave extract has the unique power of forming an invisible layer to lock in your makeup.  Users say they love the radiant and fresh feel after applying the primer. Their skin feels smooth, and more importantly, makeup lasts longer. The primer is vegan and clean, which means it is formulated without harmful ingredients. It is a gripping primer and goes well with all skin types. 

Ideal Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupes 

e.l.f Jelly Pop Dew Primer 

It is unarguable that the e.l.f primer is already a crowd favorite. The brand has been famous for making affordable cosmetics products. Their products go easy on your pocket and work effectively. The primer does have a fantastic watermelon fragrance which can be overpowering for some users. We have to accept the color and the tube it comes in is cute. While the primer efficiently grips your makeup and makes it last longer, the ‘dewy finish’ is not proper to its claims. e.l.f jelly pop dew primer for oily skin works the best as reviews say users loved how their skin felt after layering the primer with their makeup.

It works sufficiently for dry skin, but women with oily skin rated it better. It spreads quickly on your skin making it the best Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe. The primer gives you a shiny and refreshing feel for your skin and provides light moisture while making your makeup look fresh. Many users have suggested using it as an everyday primer as this primer is not heavy and could be used regularly. 


  • Vegan product 
  • It feels light on your skin 
  • Glides on due to the gel texture
  • Keeps your foundation in place for the entire day
  • Watermelon scent pleasing for your nostrils 
  • It has an impressive ingredient list 
  • Affordable compared to the Milk Hydro Grip Primer 
  • You could use it daily 
  • Free from phthalates, parabens, and sulfates 
  • Cruelty-free product 
  • Adds shine and gloss to your face 
  • Best for oily skin 
  • Suitable for all skin types 


  • The smell is very overpowering for some people. 

NYX Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer 

The NYX primer is for sure the exact alternative for the Milk Hydro Grip Primer. Much like the other, this is also a water-based primer. It has a gel texture that feels light and provides good coverage. If you don’t want to use primer tubes, this primer could be for you as this comes in a tiny little jar. The jar might be convenient for some people. It feels smooth and soothing for your skin. Most users claim that their pores were less visible, and they blended well with their foundation. 

It does not cause patchiness or pilling of makeup, and some key ingredients are glycerin, aloe vera, cucumber extract, and tocopherol. Glycerin and aloe vera are similar to the Milk Hydro Grip Primer. Glycerin, much like hyaluronic acid, is highly hydrating for your skin. Aloe vera is common to both. Cucumber extract is a substitute for blue agave extract in the original primer. The ingredient list is pretty similar, which is why this might be the best Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe.

NYX Bare with me Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe


  • Convenient jelly texture 
  • Moisturized feel 
  • Provides smooth makeup application 
  • Evens out your skin tone 
  • Skin feels relaxed and hydrated 
  • It gives up to 8 hours of hydration 
  • Lightweight and refreshing feel 
  • Balances your skin 
  • Gripping primer 
  • Vegan formula 
  • Closest dupe for our original primer 
  • Cruelty-free product 
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, pores, and wrinkles
  • Cheaper than the Milk Primer 


  • It leaves a more shiny appearance than expected 
  • It does not absorb well; we have to leave it on for 2-3 minutes 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer, Vegan Face Primer
  • Hydrating Gel Primer: Bare With Me Hydrating Jelly Primer has a touchable, jelly like texture that creates a moisturized, matte finished barrier for a smooth makeup application, or wear alone as a light hydrator
  • Infused Gripping Primer: The first step in achieving that even toned, no makeup look, this water based gripping primer is infused with cucumber and aloe extracts that leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and ready for other Bare With Me products
  • Face From Foundation To Finish: Complete your makeup look with our full line of NYX Professional Makeup face products to aid in color correction and coverage from blush, bronzer, foundations and contouring concealer to palettes and powders
  • Cruelty Free Cosmetics: We believe animals belong in our arms, not in a lab; All of our makeup is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty free brand; We don't test any of our products on animals
  • Discover NYX Professional Makeup: Try all of our professional makeup and beauty products today, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more

Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifier Mattifying H2O Gel Primer

Sephora has been delivering commendable products which are inexpensive and work well. It is a water-based gel formula that gives a soothing effect on your skin. The primer feels lightweight on your skin and creates a tacky layer on your face to set your foundation. The best thing about this foundation is that it gives a mattifying finish to your face. 

Green tea extract contains antioxidants that can help mattify and balance your skin. Damask Rose extract is another ingredient that is a star ingredient. It has anti-aging benefits wherein it can reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging and has anti-inflammatory qualities. This is good for people who don’t like a shiny appearance on their skin. The primer gives your skin a matte look. 


  • A cooling and soothing primer 
  • It gives a matte look to your face 
  • Clean and efficient ingredients
  • It helps minimize pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging
  • Extends the wear of makeup 
  • It does not dry out your skin 
  • Lightweight gel-based formula 
  • Paraben-free 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Affordable 


  • The primer can stick to the dry patches on your skin
  • Not very suitable for dry skin 
  • The primer is very heavily fragranced, which is not pleasing for most users 

Makeup Revolution Glass Liquid Skin Primer 

Have you heard about a glass skin primer? It is a Korean skin trend if you haven’t heard of it. It is a silky serum that replenishes and boosts skin. The primer can increase the radiance and shine of your skin and is regarded as the ideal Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe. It is famous for illuminating skin and creating a subtle radiance. Glycerin, mica, grape leaf extract, coconut fruit extract, and titanium dioxide are some of the main ingredients in the formula. 

Grape leaf extract has antioxidant properties which increase your healing power. It also improves skin appearance, even out your skin tone. Titanium dioxide has sun-blocking properties as it does not let UVA and UVB rays penetrate your skin. Glycerin is hydrating and deeply moisturizing in the primer. Coconut fruit extract has moisturizing and hydrating benefits. Besides, it also prevents water loss from your skin. It is suitable for all skin types too. 

Makeup Revolution Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe


  • Vegan product
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Glowing and illuminating effect on the skin 
  • Replenishes and boosts skin radiance 
  • Silky serum, unlike thick primers 
  • Glass finish on your skin
  • Hydrates and soothes skin 
  • A little goes a long way 
  • Long-lasting makeup holding abilities
  • It isn’t greasy or tacky 
  • The best primer for dry skin 
  • Affordable and cheaper than the original


  • The product is heavily fragranced and contains perfume
  • Sensitive skinned females may react to it

Hard Candy Hydrating Grip Primer 

Hard Candy has the same ingredients as the Milk Hydro Grip Primer, including blue agave extract and hyaluronic acid. Hard Candy is a relatively new brand, and the users are not ready to trust it yet. We want to find out why. We cannot find many reviews on the internet that can support their claims, but we have enough. It is a gel primer that has an intensely hydrating formula. Apart from the hyaluronic acid and blue agave extract, other ingredients include botanical plant extracts and niacinamide. 

They have antioxidant benefits. Hard Candy Primer is smooth on your skin and has a gripping feel to it. Some people prefer this primer as the formulation is the same as the original primer, and it is much cheaper than the e.l.f primer. The primer is successful in diminishing pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Their appearance looks minimized, and it has a light green tint and the exact gel texture as the original primer. 


  • Hydrating and moisturizing formula 
  • Minimizing the appearance of skin abnormalities 
  • It provides 12 hours makeup grip 
  • It makes a good makeup base 
  • Provides a gripping surface for your foundation 
  • It also makes makeup last long
  • Cruelty-free
  • Phthalate and paraben-free 
  • It gently blends in your skin and is easy to apply 
  • Plumps the skin 
  • Best for all-day wear regularly 
  • Beautiful gel texture 
  • Cheaper than the original primer 
  • Hard candy ingredients are the same as the Milk Hydro Grip Primer 
  • An upcoming brand is undermined as their products are efficient 


  • The primer is very oily for some of the users 
  • It does not feel like the original despite having the same ingredients

Is Hard Candy a good primer?

Yes, Hard Candy is a good primer. It is incredibly refreshing and soothing for your skin. The formula is gripping and suitable for setting your makeup for the day. 

XX Revolution Hydra Fixx Primer 

It might be the first time you have heard of the brand, but it is good enough to be considered a Milk Hydro Grip Prime Dupe. The XX Revolution Primer is made to illuminate, mattify, hydrate, give radiance and blur out pores. This seems like all we’re looking for in a primer. It is from a brand that is Makeup Revolution’s sister brand. The primer has a gel texture similar to the original Milk Hydro Grip Primer. Users say that they feel it is very similar to the initial primer. The formula is a mix of active and passive ingredients. 

Core ingredients on the list are witch hazel and pink clay. Witch hazel is soothing and irritation-free for your skin. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and removes excess oil from your skin. Pink clay improves skin elasticity and cell regeneration. It also improves skin tone and skin appearance. The lightweight gel feels very soothing and gives you a matte finish to your skin. 

XX Revolution Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe


  • Illuminates skin 
  • It brings back radiance and shines on your face
  • Deeply hydrates and moisturizes your skin 
  • The primer blurs pores and other visible signs of aging
  • It has a nice matte finish on your skin 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • A vegan product 
  • Gel texture primer 
  • Sticky enough for setting your makeup and making it last longer 
  • Affordable 
  • It feels like the original because of its light touch on your skin


  • It caused patchiness and makeup to build up after some time 
  • It does not minimize pores well
  • The product contains perfume which is a solid reason to avoid it 

Ulta Beauty Cool Committee Jelly Face Primer 

The Ulta Beauty Primer could be considered the best Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe in the segment. It can give you a smooth and soft feel. The primer is highly moisturizing and hydrating for your skin. The core elements in the formula are different. They don’t sound similar to primer ingredients too. It is formulated without any harmful ingredients like parabens or sulfates. 

The product is clean and formulated without parabens too. It has a cooling effect on your skin and a good grip on your skin. The main ingredients in the primer are green tea oil and rice milk powder. Green tea oil contains antioxidants and has anti-aging benefits like reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and aiding in skin tightening. It penetrates quickly in your skin and moisturizes your skin efficiently. Rice silk powder is a skin brightening agent which tightens skin too. It also has anti-aging benefits like improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and scars. 

Ulta Beauty Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe


  • Cruelty-free product
  • Moisturizing and hydrating primer 
  • Reduces the appearance of pores, wrinkles, fine lines and has skin tightening benefits
  • One impressive benefit is the super fast shipping
  • It smells great 
  • Deeply cooling sensation
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • It blends well with your skin 
  • Results in a soft and smooth complexion
  • Affordable
  • An experienced brand that produces efficient products 
  • It makes foundation last all-day 


  • Some users say that it feels too shiny and oily on your skin 
  • It doesn’t glide on easily 
  • Users with sensitive skin have noticed redness 

Note: Other ingredients include tocopherol, hyaluronic acid, cherry blossom, and aloe vera. 

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FAQs | Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe

Is Milk Hydro Grip Primer water or silicone-based? 

The base for the milk hydro grip primer is water. It is a purely water-based primer. The water base explains the gel texture and the ease of application. 

How long does Hydro Grip Primer last?

The Milk Hydro Grip Primer can last for 8-12 hours. It holds your makeup well and does not cause patchiness. 

Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe

Which is the best Milk Hydro Grip Primer dupe? 

After the rigorous research, we could conclude that the NYX Bare With Me Primer could be the perfect dupe for the original primer. 


The Milk Hydro Grip Primer Dupe search was successful, and we could find efficient products which worked exactly like the original. We could find an affordable one which costs less and functions the same as the original one. A shiny and pore blurring primer is easy to use and efficient for daily use. The primer’s main job is to hold your foundation and blend well. It should last for a long time and give you a dewy finish. Hydrating and moisturizing qualities are similar to all the dupes. 

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