People believe in following their hair care routine religiously since hair loss is a significant beauty concern nowadays due to numerous factors. Loss of minerals, vitamins, and stress are the primary reasons for hair fall. But the optimal intake of any dietary supplement enriched in vitamins can help to restore the hair. There are many hair supplements available in the market that claim to serve the purpose of giving you your dream hair. Recently, Nourishvita Hair Vitamin has been creating many buzzes, but is it worth the popularity that it is gaining? Don’t worry; we will ease all your confusion through an unbiased approach towards Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Reviews.

Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Reviews

The general work of a hair supplement is to provide all the necessary support to hair that it aids. Hair vitamins promote thicker and fuller hair by fighting the inflammation and radicals that affect the follicle function. This is what an ideal hair supplement does. Now, the larger question is, is Nourishvita Hair Vitamin a perfect product? We aim to answer the above question through this detailed overview.

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Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Reviews | Another Hyped Supplement?

We all desire to have lustrous, shiny, long, silky locks flowing in the air. But oxidative damages have exploited the quality of our hair. But, the advancement of science has made it possible to have our dream come true through Nourishvita Hair Vitamin. Nourishvita is scientifically formulated to fight dry, frizzy, brittle, and broken hair that often gets frustrating to handle. Nourishvita Hair Vitamin provides all the essential nutrients to the hair follicles that ensure stimulated hair growth.

Hair Vitamin

With Nourishvita Hair Vitamin, the long hair goal is now no more impossible. Not only hair but Nourishvita Hair Vitamin also provides the development of lash and brow. This supplement is dermatologist tested and contains natural ingredients. But, one thing about Nourishvita Hair Vitamin is that it is slightly expensive, and its cheaper alternatives are available in the market.



Why Should You Use Nourishvita Hair Vitamin?

Prevents Hair Loss: The presence of several vitamins in Nourishvita helps prevent hair loss by providing the hair with oxygen and all the necessary nutrients required. It helps to overcome hair fall and hair thinning.

Promotes Hair Regrowth: Almost all hair supplements claim to prevent hair loss, but only a few health supplements encourage hair growth. Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Falls under the latter category. Using this regularly helps to promote new hair growth. The new hair that grows has a relatively better structure and is smooth, soft, and shiny.

Nourishvita Hair Vitamins

Improves Scalp Health: Nourishvita Hair Vitamin provides oxygen and blood circulation to the scalp. It reduces the inflammation and dryness of the scalp. It is not harsh for the scalp and provides moisturization and nourishment to the scalp.

Consumer reports suggest that NourishVita doesn’t offer much to get rid of grey hair, and users have experienced slower hair loss, but it isn’t completely gone. If you are struggling with grey hair and constant hair loss, I highly recommend trying Folifort for 40 days and things will change positively for you as it did for 100k+ consumers. Besides, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (60 days from the date of purchase) 

Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Ingredients

Nourishvita uses natural ingredients in its products that are paraben-free. As this supplement is dermatologically tested, only necessary and pure components contribute to manufacturing these hair vitamins. Let us have a glance at what these components are.

Biotin: Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin whose deficiency is the primary reason for hair fall. Biotin has several proven benefits for hair growth that reduce inflammation, stimulate keratin production, and prevent hair loss. As biotin also helps increase follicle growth, it makes the hair stronger right from the root, thus, making it less likely to fall. Not only does biotin prevent hair fall, but it also ensures hair regrowth.


Essential Vitamins: One of the fantastic features of Nourishvita Hair Vitamins is that it has not only one vitamin but several vitamins. Vitamin A helps in the process of hair regrowth and moisturizes the hair, keeping it soft. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects hair from oxidative damages. Collagen plays a vital role in making hair structure, and Vitamin C helps create collagen.

Vitamin D3 promotes hair follicle growth, and its deficiency can cause alopecia. Vitamin B1 carries nutrients to the hair, and its absence will make the hair weak and break easily. Vitamin B2 is an essential hair-promoting vitamin, and its deficiency is the primary reason for hair loss. Vitamin B12 helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to the scalp that promotes faster hair growth.

Folate: Folate, present in the Nourishvita Hair Vitamin, is folic acid, a synthesized form of folate. With age, the hair growth process slows down. But folate boosts up the hair growth process. It also helps prevent hair loss, ensure hair growth and add shine and thickness to the hair. It provides oxygen to the hair that prevents premature greying of the hair.


Zinc and Copper: Zinc and copper are the trace elements proven to be magical for hair. Zinc blocks DHT production and also regulates hormone levels. Zinc provides structure and strength to the hair. Copper boosts hair growth and stimulates even blood flow to the scalp. Copper also increases collagen production and has antioxidant properties.

Few other ingredients used in Nourishvita Hair Vitamin are Pantothenic Acid, L-Lysine, Hydrochloride Citrus Bioflavonoids, Horsetail Extract, and Niacinamide along with other beneficial elements.

Perks of the product

  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Easy to consume
  • Give shine to the hair
  • Beneficial not only for hair but for lash and brows too
  • Contains multivitamins
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • 30 days refund policy
  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Paraben and hormone-free


  • Slightly expensive
  • Possible side effects such as skin irritation, gastritis, and diarrhea to those allergic to any ingredients.
  • Doesn’t do much about grey hair
  • Not specified if pregnant women and nursing mothers can use it or not

If you are struggling with grey hair and constant hair loss, Folifort would be a better alternative. Ingredients like Fo-ti and nettle roots boost hair regeneration and it been witnessed by almost 150k+ consumers.

Nourishvita Reviews | Customer Feedback

Jack says, “I am just in my mid-30s but my hair started to fall excessively and I kind of looked bald. I stumbled upon Nourishvita Hair Vitamin on the internet and immediately purchased it hoping it would help me. I kept using it for about one month and even though there is a vast decrease in my hair fall, I don’t think there’s any hair regrowth as the product claimed. I am hoping to see any growth soon”.

Elle mentioned, “I was having excessive hair fall after having my first baby. Every time I brushed my hair, about 20-30 strands would definitely fall. Even when I would wake up, I could see hair littering in my pillow. I purchased Nourishvita Hair Vitamin after my sister recommended it to me and it’s been four months since I started using this supplement. My hair fall has stopped and I can even see the growth of baby hair. I am very happy and would definitely recommend it”.

Nourishvita Before and After

Amber said, “Although using Nourishvita Hair Vitamin has been beneficial not only to prevent hair loss but for my brows too, I can’t always purchase the product due to its high price. I wish it was inexpensive”.

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Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Alternatives

We do not deny that Nourishvita Hair Vitamin is an excellent supplement to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth. But, as this supplement is a bit expensive, it may not be afforded by everyone. There are many cheaper alternatives to Nourishvita Hair Vitamin available in the market, which we have mentioned below:

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins are made from natural berries and contain no artificial color or sweetener. It is packed with vitamins that ensure the hair growth process is sped up. It promotes lustrous, more extended, shiny, silky hair growth and is vegan.

Naychur Hair Gummies

Naychur Hair Gummies is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of tasty, easy-to-consume gummies that are not much expensive. Along with promoting faster, fuller, longer, and thicker hair growth, this supplement also improves the quality of the hair. It has benefits not only for hair but for nails and skin too.

Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker

This dietary supplement works exclusively to block DHT levels, the main reason for hair loss. The brand claims to stop hair fall within 90 days and also promote hair growth. It also reduces hair thinning, receding hairline and contains natural ingredients.

HUM Hair Sweet Hair Gummies

These gummies are delicious and are formulated from the bioavailable form of the ingredients. It promotes hair growth, provides nourishment to the hair, and controls the scalp’s inflammation. It also aids in improving scalp health.

FAQs | Nourishvita Reviews

How to consume Nourishvita Hair Vitamin?

Nourishvita Hair Vitamin is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of small easy to consume tablets. Every day two tablets should be destroyed, not more than that. The tablets should not be chewed and should be swallowed only.

Does Nourishvita work for hair growth?

Nourishvita is a dermatologist formulated to not only stop hair loss but boost hair growth too. It also aids in improving the structure of the hair quite significantly. Nourishvita Hair Vitamin has proven benefits for lash and brows too.

Can I develop side effects using Nourishvita Hair Vitamin?

Nourishvita Hair Vitamin uses natural products in its formulation and no paraben or hormone. Although it is safe to use, it may develop side effects for some people. Therefore, we would recommend consulting a physician before using it to save oneself from potential health risks.

Where can I buy Nourishvita?

One can purchase Nourishvita Hair Vitamin from the brand’s official website. They also provide a 30-day refund to those who are not satisfied or don’t like the product.

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Closure | Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Reviews

Now, finally, it is time to close the Nourishvita Hair Vitamin Reviews. This dietary supplement has many benefits for hair, lash, and brows. The presence of many essential vitamins makes Nourishvita Hair Vitamin a suitable supplement for promoting hair growth. It improves follicle production, scalp health, and hair texture. It also helps to gain silky, smooth hair that is every woman’s dream. Fascinating, right? The ingredients used in it are essential and friendly to hair and won’t cause any further damage.

Most of the reviews on this dietary supplement are in its favor, and it seems a product that is certainly worth a try. One needs to keep using it for at least three months to notice changes because nothing happens overnight. One thing about Nourishvita Hair Vitamin that may be bothersome is that it is slightly expensive, and not everyone can afford it. We hope this review was helpful, and in case you have anything to ask, please ask us in the comment box, and we will reply to you super soon.

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