Frownies VS Smoothies │ An Unbiased Comparison

Differentiating becomes difficult when both products have similar functions and benefits. But, the question arises which one you should purchase and which you can leave out? Comparing products like Frownies and Smoothies products has been proven beneficial for most people. Customer reviews’ for both products in the market have come out to be positive, and they are highly recommended for purchase. Let’s get into the Frownies VS Smoothies comparison.

Frownies VS Smoothies

These products have got all the benefits that most people look for. But, the only feature that differentiates between Frownies and Smoothies is their waiting period for effective results. While most people tend to have patience less waiting for Frownies to offer its results, Smoothies, on the other hand, take much longer than Frownies. But, there is no saying that these products are ineffective for doing their job because patience is the key.

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Frownies VS Smoothies │ A Fight Against The Best?

Both Frownies and Smoothies are great products in the skincare product market. This also means that Frownies and Smoothies are a rival as they offer similar products with similar usage benefits. There is a tight competition between the two, and most people find it difficult to choose between them. Well, it all depends upon the likeability of the customers as they cannot be forced to purchase anyone between the two. However, the question still stands: which one wins when it comes to product satisfaction? Well, you decide.

  • Both Frownies and Smoothies are great products and provide equally satisfactory results.
  • Frownies take around three weeks to offer their customers desired results, whereas Smoothies take much longer.
  • Frownies can cause serious side effects and contribute to fine wrinkles. On the other hand, some Smoothies’ customers complained about the cheap quality materials used.
  • Both Frownies and Smoothies use natural ingredients as their key ingredients, solely responsible for offering the best results among aged people.

Frownies VS Smoothies │ Alternatives

Frownies and Smoothies might be great rivals against each other, but other similar products in the market become the perfect substitute for these products. With the availability of alternatives in the market, it is not only the business hampered, but it is becoming difficult for customers to choose the best among the best. However, if you consider purchasing Frownies or Smoothies, you can look at the following alternatives in the market.

Frownies Alternatives:

Smoothies Alternatives:

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Frownies Or Smoothies

Like most products in the market, not offering desired results to some customers, Frownies and Smoothies have some setbacks that you should know about. Officially, there are no side effects for any products, but most customers have brought forward some of the below noticeable adverse outcomes for both Frownies and Smoothies.


  • Frownies might create more deep wrinkles and worsen your skin.
  • Some customers have found that there were no effective results even after using the product for more than three weeks.
  • According to some users, removing the product from the skin after its use was painful.
  • Even after waiting for three weeks, Frownies might not offer effective results.

FROWNIES Facial Patches for the Forehead and between eyes, the original wrinkle patch,
  • SMOOTHS FOREHEAD AND BETWEEN EYES WRINKLES AND LINES OVERNIGHT: Paper Facial Patches are worn comfortably while you sleep and allow the skin to breath. Non-occlusive (damage to skin) Wake up wrinkle-free look refresh and relaxed with radiant skin.
  • 130 YEARS OF TESTED RESULTS Frownies the original wrinkle treatment targets the cause of wrinkles between the eyes and horizontal forehead wrinkles. FROWNIES face lift patches help plump and tighten facial muscles while also encouraging collagen creation and repair, for maximum smoothing and anti-aging effects.
  • SYSTEM the face lift patch is a system that allows a skin wrinkle treatment to be added to the patch to plump and smooth the surface of the skin using FROWNIES Rose Water to activate the patch smoothing system.
  • DESIGNED TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that can be caused by aging, sun damage, and repeated facial movements.
  • RESULTS: For the best skin rejuvenating treatment results, use nightly for 6 - 8 hours or a minimum of 3 hours for a before event.


  • Smoothies have a waiting period much longer than Frownies, which often becomes frustrating.
  • Smoothies could make look lines worse as some customers felt the materials used were of cheap quality.
  • You could use smoothies’ facial patches repeatedly, but it usually does not last long, as complained about by most customers.

Smoothies Facial TRIANGLE Wrinkle Remover Strips, 144 Wrinkle Patches
  • Key differences make Facial Smoothies extremely effective wrinkle remover strips – a simple method to temporarily smooth wrinkles safely and without injections
  • Substantial backing - Strips are comfortable, but heavy enough to smooth deep lines and keep skin smooth. (Some cheap products are too thin.)
  • Strong adhesive - A strong adhesive is what smooths wrinkles – and what makes our strips reusable by some. (p.s. This adhesive is acrylic, not silicone.)
  • Prevents new lines from taking hold, and prevents skin wrinkling while wearing.
  • Transparent so you can make sure your skin is smooth beneath. Hypoallergenic – Self-sticking - Peel off easily

Frownies VS Smoothies │ Real Customer Reviews

Janda says, “I found Frownies on the internet long ago. I am so satisfied with it, and that is why I am rating it five stars.”

Karli says, “Smoothies have been my companion for a while now and are treating my frown lines very well. I am 53, and the product has been valuable to me ever since.”

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Tash says, “I’m lucky to have found Frownies as being in my mid-30s brought wrinkles all over my forehead. Frownies are super simple to use and bring the look in me that I always desired.”

Karen says, “I simply love Smoothies patches. Not only did they prove to be effective, but they gave my skin a much healthier look.”

Claudia says, “Purchased Frownies a few weeks ago, and still I do not see any results. I am a little disappointed with the product.”

Frownies VS Smoothies

Spence says, “I wanted an alternative for Frownies, and that is why I had purchased Smoothies, but unfortunately, the product did not work for me. I will never consider purchasing them again.”

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FAQs | Frownies VS Smoothies 

Are Frownies better than Smoothies facial patches?

Both Frownies and Smoothies are good products and do their job well when treating wrinkles. But, Smoothies considerably take a much more extended period than Frownies to offer effective results.

Do Smoothies work for real?

Smoothies is a great product that works well against wrinkles and is considered one of the best products for treating aging issues.

Frownies VS Smoothies

How long does Frownies take to work?

Frownies take around three weeks or sometimes more than that to offer effective results. This often becomes hectic and frustrating for most people because they do not want to wait long.

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Final Verdict

At the end of this Frownies VS Smoothies comparison, all that matters is the product you wish to purchase. If you do not want Frownies or Smoothies, there is no use considering them as other great products are available. But, if you think of these two products, there is not much difference between them and does its work well, treating frown lines and other aging issues. Both Frownies and Smoothies are products that can be worth considering purchasing as they do an excellent job for most people, and maybe you can experience the best results.  

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